Do Pigeons Carry Diseases That Are Harmful To Humans

Do Pigeons Carry Diseases That Are Harmful To Humans

Pigeons are very common in most cities and parks all over the world. They are small and beautiful to look at, but most people don’t ask themselves this question, Do Pigeons Carry Diseases That Are Harmful to Humans?
There are times when pigeons live close to homes and this can pose a health risk for the families that live in those residences. This is because wild pigeons carry many diseases that pose dangers to human health. People get in contact with these diseases through the pigeon droppings.If you are having problems with pigeons, call us for pigeon removal Oshawa services.

Cryptococcosis is a fungal disease that pigeon droppings have. The disease has symptoms such as dry cough, fatigue, headache, swelling of abdomen. If the human body has a low immunity level it has been known to cause high death rates especially to people with AIDS. Treatment may cost a lot depending on the exposure. When a person is highly exposed it might lead to symptomatic meningitis. To avoid all this you should use protective face masks and gloves will help in protecting a person from exposure.

Another fungal disease that is usually associated with pigeons is Histoplasmosis. The symptoms usually appear after 10 days of exposure. The disease causes chest pains, headaches, fever and fatigue. A person
who is highly exposed will develop severe symptoms. The disease might go undetected and may be associated with other diseases with similar symptoms. Even though the disease cannot be transmitted from
one person to other, children will usually develop complications that are severe. Children might play near the droppings and thus have a higher probability of exposure. When windows are open pigeon droppings near the window will expose the air in the house. The windows should be regularly cleaned.

To keep the pigeons away from window one can tie ribbons when the windows are open. Another way is avoid feeding the pigeons as they usually find a nest near the house. This will keep them away. Do Pigeons
Carry Diseases That Are Harmful to Humans? The answer is definitely yes.

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