What Damage Can Raccoons Cause In My Attic

What Damage Can Raccoons Cause In My Attic

What damage can raccoons cause in my attic? Well, this is a question that homeowners should ask themselves because many raccoons prefer to make their homes in people’s attics. The attic lends a secure
shelter for raccoons, and typically satisfies almost all their living requirements, including safety from predators, shelter from perilous elements, and closeness to food sources such as pet food and garbage cans.
Besides, female raccoons raise their young ones in attics because these places are warm and safe. For raccoon removal in Oshawa, call: 647-694-3620

Firstly, when the females locate nesting sites, they rove and destroy portions of the attic. It is not uncommon to find ripped off shingles, destroyed rooftop ventilators, and broken fascia boards after female raccoons access the attics.

Secondly, when the raccoons have found their way into attics, they begin to tear up and displace insulation walls. Most of them usually rip off and destroy air conditioning and heating insulation systems. Besides, the
animals will begin to pass their waste in various sections of the attic and to stain underlying ceilings with urine. As a result, detestable and objectionable odor begins to emanate from the attic, which causes the
homeowner immense discomfort. Continued stay of the raccoons in the attic will create a growth and multiplication spot for ectoparasites (fleas, mites, ticks, and lice), which then infest the attic before migrating
to other sections of the house.

Thirdly, the raccoons will use uncapped chimneys as den sites, just as they will want to occupy spaces beneath decks and porches. As they try to create dens in spaces beneath the house, door covering crawl
spaces will sometimes be damaged. Furthermore, raccoons have the habit of gnawing on wires, ripping insulation, tearing apart ductwork, and tearing up open holes to access other portions of the attic. Trampling
down insulation lowers r-value effectiveness and results in domestic inconvenience and discomfort. The human population may also suffer from raccoon roundworm and rabies infections, which will spread from the
attic to humans via accidental inhalation or ingestion. Indeed, raccoons cause serious damages to the attics and immense risks to home residents. Hiring the services of experts can help to deal with raccoons and prevent the occurrence of further damage..

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