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Wildlife Removal is a very important service because wild animals carry diseases, infest your living spaces and can bite you and your pets. The main reason behind getting rid of wildlife pest in your property is to keep you and your family safe.  Rodents will leave feces near or close to your food. If you accidentally eat the food, the chances of getting ill are very high. Animal pests are also known to carry tough viruses and bacteria that often will require long-term treatment. The other will make your medical conditions such as asthma get worse.

Pets such as mice, cockroaches, and others can make a nest in your home before you notice them. All it ever takes is one or two to start a colony. Within no time, they will need comfortable casing significant damages to your food, structures, and comfortable living.

Just like human beings, pests have needs, food water, and shelter. A reason they are called pests in the first place is that they rely on your food water and shelter in a big way. As they forage for their daily needs, pests will contaminate your food or consumer it. They will walk all over your surfaces contaminating it with traces of bacteria.

Animal Control can be the reduction, removal or complete elimination of insects, wildlife or rodents in your property and its surroundings. It can be done humanely, naturally or involve, pesticides, fumigants or herbicides. Often, homeowners will seek DIY remedies by purchasing products from retail stores, home and garden goods. However, some pests and wildlife need professional expertise.

Wildlife Removal Oshawa offers wildlife, insect and rodent control. If you have a pest in your property, we can help you get rid of it. Our highly trained personnel have the skill, equipment, and experience to effectively get rid of any home invading menace.  Contact us today for more information about our services.

Effective solutions for raccoons, squirrels and birds. Licensed trappers with many years of experience in exclusion. We remove any animals and seal all entry points and weak spots to make sure no animals cause damage to your property again. Call us to shield your property from nuisance wildlife: 647-694-3620.

 Removal of Nuisance Wildlife

Wildlife Removal is a company is your best bet for long-term wildlife removal and prevention. We offer our services in Oshawa and its environs to ensure that all wildlife is removed from your home as fast as possible. Our methods are designed to keep both you and the animal safe. Invasive wildlife is known to create a hazard inside our homes and around our property making removal process one of the most important steps to carry out. Wildlife Removal will handle your wildlife control problem from the beginning to the end, making sure that it is handled in an appropriate and safe manner.


The first step in wildlife removal is an inspection. Our team of professionals will carry out an extensive inspection service in your property to determine where the entry points are located, what pest has invaded your property and how we can keep them out for good. This process often involves checking through your crawl spaces, interior walls, roofs, shed, garage, decks and other structures that pests could nest. We will provide a report with the best way forward.


At Wildlife Removal, we practice humane animal removal. After the initial inspection, our technicians will have all the reliable data, meaning if the animal has been nesting, it will be safely relocated into the wild with its babies. We will also make sure during the process of removal; no damage is caused to your property. Depending on the animal, we will implement different strategies to remove it from your Oshawa premises.


Depending on the animal, we will implement different exclusion methods. However, its vital that the area is thoroughly checked for babies, which is often determined by our initial inspection report. We will set exclusion exit points so that, once the animal is out, they do not get access back into your property. We will also seal off any potential entry point with a unique material that is wildlife proof to prevent future infestations.


Raccoons Control

raccoon wildlife proofing solutions in oshawa

Raccoons are mischievous creatures and usual suspects for most wildlife damage in and around the Oshawa area. They often find their way in attics for shelter from the elements. Once they make themselves comfortable in a space they can cause noises, damage and contamination. If you have a problem with raccoons call us to get it fixed as soon as possible.


Squirrels Control

Squirrel Control Oshawa

Just like raccoons, squirrels find their way into attics. Because they are smaller they can easily get into soffits attics and other parts of the roof. They are known to be able to chew on pretty much anything and can take advantage of any weakness in your roof. If you have squirrels, raccoons or even mice might not be far behind. Animals often take over each other’s dens.

Pigeon Control

birds control and exclusion solutions in oshawa

Customized pigeon and bird control solutions. We remove pigeons and implement the latest technologies and techniques to keep pigeons away. Our technicians place traps, spikes and netting to keep your home or business secure from pigeons.

We can help with all wildlife problems. Just give us a call and speak directly to our service technician. Call:  647-694-3620.