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Pigeon Control Oshawa

Pigeon Control Oshawa. We remove pigeons permanently. Our technicians use a variety of techniques to trap pigeons as well as install preventative measures so they won’t come back. We install netting, bird spikes and use the most effective measures for the particular situation. If you are having problems with pigeons at your home or business we can help. Call: 647-694-3620.

Pigeon Proofing Solutions

We take all necessary measures to make sure you will not have to deal with pigeons again. We remove roosts and seal all crevices or openings. Our technicians then use screening on any open vents or exposed air conditioners or other types of machinery. All our methods :

  • We do not use poisons or sticky glue methods. Killing or poisoning pigeons is illegal in Ontario. We use permanent proofing techniques.
  • We employ licensed trappers who can provide permanent solutions.




birds control and exclusion solutions in oshawa

Pigeons have adapted perfectly to urban settings. They exist in large numbers in and around urban areas including Oshawa. They roost on buildings, roofs or ledges and once settled in a location they can grow in numbers quickly. Aside from the disturbance of dealing with pigeons, they can cause significant amounts of damage as well as pose health risks to humans. Have pigeons gone once and for all. We can deal with the situation effectively and affordably. Call: 647-694-3620.

What Damages Can Pigeons Cause?

Is it really possible for Pigeons to cause damage? To be honest, the issue is never with pigeons, but what they leave behind. Pigeons leave droppings, nesting material and worse a mixture of urine and feces. Pigeons consume up to 30 grams of dry matter and 30 ml of water each day. That added to a flock of 100 birds will amount o about 4000 pounds of waste annually. That is a lot of accumulated poop, and worse if It’s in your property building.

What are the concerns about pigeon poop?

  • A major issue in industrial facilities is safety, slip and fall hazards caused by pigeon droppings. Pigeon poop makes surfaces slippery.
  • Pigeon poop accumulates over time, creating an unsightly scene, meaning someone will have to clean it up.  While that isn’t the hardest task to do, pigeon poop is acidic and will cause fabric damages to buildings and material.
  • Pigeon poop also poses a potential health risk. If left to accumulate, it will form bacteria that is likely to negatively affect humans when they get into contact with it.

If you have pigeons living in your home or business roof, it’s important to call Wildlife Removal Service immediately. Our professionals have the skill and experience to help you get rid of pigeons in your property. Call us for more information about our pigeon removal services in Oshawa.

Why is Pigeon Prevention Service Important?

Each year, thousands of dollars are spent cleaning up the mess left behind by pigeons. Pigeon feces are acidic and if neglected, will quickly erode the fabric of building materials. Their droppings also carry about 60 transmittable diseases. It is therefore important to implement prevention measures before its too late.

Pigeons will also build their nest in gutters, drains, and corners of roofs where drains are normally located. Warehouses are often the victim of damage when drainage systems are blocked by debris left by pigeons. Did you know that your roof could easily collapse or get damaged with just six inches of rainwater? A collapsed roof can cause death and damage of valuables and equipment.

Pigeons are also a fire hazard; their nesting material is often flammable dry plant matter. When they nest on electric line or in machinery, they could potentially cause a fire. Electric companies often blame birds for most of their fires.

The best way to prevent these kinds of damages that could cost you thousands of dollars in repair is to implement preventive measures. At Wildlife Removal, we offer Pigeon prevention services. We will proof your building to prevent pigeons from nesting in your attic or roof. We will also remove possible landing zones that will stop pigeons from landing on your building.

Pigeons just like other wildlife pests can cause significant damages to property of left to thrive. That is why you should call your local Wildlife Removal Service in Oshawa when you first notice their presence in your home or business. Contact us today for more information about our pigeon prevention services.

Decontamination and Cleaning Service

Pigeon Removal Oshawa is just the first part of getting rid of pigeons in your property. After that, you need to clean out and repair the affected areas. Pigeons just like any other pest will leave huge amounts of feces on your building depending on the number of the flock and the time they spent. That is why it is important to call pest removal company such as Wildlife Removal the first instance you spot pigeons in your property.

Pigeon droppings are acidic and if left to accumulate will cause fabric damaged to your building which will cost a lot to repair. Pigeon feces are also a health risk as they are a safety risk. Pigeon droppings make surfaces slippery, causing slip and fall injuries. Their droppings are also known to carry parasites that are harmful to human health.

Our team of technicians will carry out an inspection to determine the extent of damage that has been caused by the birds. They will also use special products and equipment to clean out the droppings since they are a biohazard. After decontamination, we will repair and proof your structures to prevent future infestation. Contact us for more information about our decontamination services.


Humane Pigeon Removal Oshawa Service

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Pigeons are sometimes referred to as roof rats due to their ability to breed as quickly flock and take over an area just like rats. Wildlife Removal can humanely remove these creatures, and clean up the mess they cause to your buildings. We will also implement preventive measures to ensure that they do not return.

At Wildlife Removal, our main aim is to effectively remove the pigeons to make your home and business less attractive for them to return.  Getting rid of pigeons is a simple task, you just need to make their landing a roosting zone uncomfortable. If your property is already infested by the birds, we will safely and humanely be relocated them. We do not want to use poison since it will only result in dead birds, which is more dangerous to human health.

After removal, out professionals will clear out the nest, disinfect and clean the roosting sites. You should not attempt to clean out pigeon dropping by yourself. Fungi and bacteria are often present and could pose health risk concerns. Our technicians will use special protective gear and products to clean out the mess restoring your building’s roof to its original form. Contact us for more information about our humane removal service.