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Skunks are quite the dreaded animals, thanks to the awful stink they are capable of letting out when up against danger. However, this isn’t the only dreadful thing associated with skunks and although they are widely accepted as amicable and easygoing animals, these omnivores sure can rake up a lot of trouble on the health as well as property front for humans.

For starters, skunks are quite helpful to human beings in plenty of ways, primarily due to the diet they follow. Beetles, grubs, worms, troublesome rodents like mice, rats and moles, and insects like grasshoppers are all part of a skunk’s diet. Skunks, therefore feed on quite a few pests that can cause us humans trouble.

However, the feeding and denning habits of skunks make them a nuisance to us too, and the health hazards associated with these animals make it all an even more serious affair. After all, when you talk diseases like rabies and leptospirosis, you know you simply cannot take this animal lightly.

At Skunk Removal 647-694-3620, we are well aware of all the risks associated with skunks and know just how important it is to deal with a skunk invasion swiftly and humanely.

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Skunks and Diseases

While skunks are usually associated with the foul smell they emanate as a part of their defence mechanism, you would be surprised to know that this spray doesn’t really carry any viruses or parasites that are capable of causing any harm on the health front.

Instead, it is the bites and scratches as well as the feces and urine of skunks that pose a risk. As far as bites and scratches go, an infected skunk could spread the deadly rabies virus if it comes up against another animal or human being and hurts the opponents while attacking them or even defending itself.

Apart from rabies, other diseases that skunks can pass on include leptospirosis, tularemia, intestinal ringworm, intestinal roundworm, canine distemper and canine hepatitis. In addition to these diseases, skunks are also capable of spreading a few others through the parasites and viruses they carry.

Skunks and Property Damage

Skunks are a member of the weasel family. They have short, stocky legs and large feet that have well-developed claws adapted for digging.  Skunks are known to inhibit pastures, clearing, and open lands that border forests. Skunks will often seek cover in thickets and timber fringes found along rivers.

Skunks become a nuisance when they begin burrowing, and their feeding habits start to conflict with humans. Skunks are known to burrow under buildings or porches by entering through open foundations. They will cause significant damage to lawns by digging holes and destroying plants.

Skunks will also cause havoc in farms by killing a chicken and eating their eggs. In an urban setting, a skunk is considered dangerous due to oily liquid they spray when provoked. Skunks have glands under their heavy tails that they use to spray foul-smelling liquid onto their victims. While this liquid is not harmful, it as an awful smell and can take days to get rid of.

Having a skunk in your property can rob you the freedom to move freely. They could also spray curious children playing in the yard. At Wildlife Removal, we offer Skunk removal services in Oshawa. Our technicians are highly trained in humane removal, relocation, and prevention of Skunks.

Skunks are vociferous diggers and borrowers and whether it is making a den for themselves or looking for grubs, these animals use their strong front paws well. Now, while the digging habits of skunks mean that they are actually riding your property of other pests such as rodents, it also means that you may have ugly holes strewn all over.

Moreover, skunks also attack the foundation of a house in a bid to find a safe place for their dens, a move that weakens the structure of the house, thereby posing a rather serious risk. Of course, the beauty of the house is compromised too, thanks to the holes in even those otherwise well-kept lawns!

The risks mentioned above are real, and at Skunk Removal Oshawa 647-694-3620, we take each one seriously. This is why we offer every possible solution for your skunk invasion problems.

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Skunk Prevention Services

A skunk’s foul smell is unmistakable regardless of whether the animal is leaving under your porch, under your house, in a woodpile or your shed.  One good thing about skunks is that they eat termites which can cause significant structural damages in your property. Unfortunately, living with skunks is not the most favourable thing, their stench can be felt from a mile away.

A Skunk’s musk is not poisonous; however, a close encounter may cause eye irritation, gagging, and nausea. Skunks just like raccoons are a major carrier of rabies, and humans risk being infected if bitten. The risk that is involved in capturing and relocating a skunk should, therefore, be left for professionals.

At Wildlife removal, we offer Skunk prevention services. Our technicians will perform the following tasks:

  • Patch holes that are found around your foundation
  • Eliminate potential den sites
  • Eliminate bugs and rodents
  • Proof your property
  • Advise you on best practices

Being diligent in controlling your food sources and eliminating possible locations in which skunks could take up residence is a good preventive measure. However, seeking professional help will ensure that Skunks are kept away from your property for good. Contact us for more information about our skunk prevention methods.

Skunk Decontamination Service

After removal, skunks will leave behind a strong smell in their dens, under your porch, your shed or wherever they were sheltering. While this stench is not harmful, it will cause a lot of discomfort making the stay in your home unbearable.

Skunks will also leave behind droppings that if left to pile might carry bacteria that is harmful to humans and could potentially pose health-related concerns.

After our skunk removal and relocation service, Wildlife removal decontaminate and clean the affected zones. We will use special detergent and products to ensure that both the skunk smell and dropping are eliminated. If your structures were damaged, our technicians will advise in repair and proof them to ensure the skunks will not return in the future.

What will Wildlife removal experts do?

We will;

  • Tackle the source of the odour, helping to stop reoccurrence
  • We will remove feces, dead skunks and decay left behind by the skunks
  • Our professional equipment and product will neutralize the odour in the air after the skunks have been removed.

Our team is professionally trained to clean and decontaminate skunk odour droppings after removal. Contact us for more information about out skunk decontamination services.


Humane Skunk Removal Oshawa Services

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Skunks are nocturnal animals that over the years have been well adapted to leaving in urban dwellings. Your home provides a lot of things that skunks need to survive. Skunks can find a lot of food in your garden, lawns as well as shelter in your shed and even under porches and decks.

Skunks are cute, but when provoked, they could spray pets and people 10 feet away with liquid from glands found beneath their tails. Skunks are very accurate and will target their victims in the eyes with their extremely offensive and pungent odour spray that causes eye irritation and temporal blindness.

Wildlife Removal will arrange an assessment of your home or business and report on the process of removal. If it is during baby season, the first step is to humanely remove the mother skunk while trying to reduce the risk being sprayed. Once we have removed the skunk, the baby skunks can be collected.

We will then proof your porch or deck with material that will prevent skunks for returning in the future. The final step involves reuniting the adult skunk and its babies back into their natural environment. We will also perform repair work for the damaged property if necessary. Contact us for more information about our humane Skunk Removal Oshawa services.

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