Can Squirrels Damage My Home's Insulation

Can Squirrels Damage My Home’s Insulation

Squirrels are solitary animals until breeding season. All tend to get into homes to seek shelter from harsh weather or food storage. Although they are often found in basements or between walls, they can also be found in attics. Aside from physically seeing the pests coming in or out of your home, the best sign of squirrel infestation is loud noise in the attic. And to differentiate raccoons, mice and bats from squirrels since they also reside in attic, any movement or noise during the day is a good indicator of squirrels. How do squirrels access our attic? You call squirrel removal Oshawa professionals.

Squirrels are good climbers and can easily scale walls or climb trees to find shelter. They often use the roof or chimney to try to access the house or attic. In case they find small opening they enlarge it. They have also been known to remove or rip off the rooftop ventilators to enter the attic. Blocking the entry used by squirrels does not deter them from entering as they easily tear this material.

Damage Caused by Squirrels

As squirrels try to gain entry to the attic they often tear shingles or chew holes into soffits or fascia boards with their sharp teeth. Holes made by these animals have a diameter of 4 to 6 inches depending on the size of the pest. Once inside your attic, their number increase with time and they can cause serious damage since they gnaw, chew and tear everything they find. Squirrels find bedding material by shredding your insulation and wood frame. They also chew electrical wiring sometimes leading to fire outbreaks and PVC pipes inside
the attic causing flooding.

Getting rid of squirrels is an enormous task to home owners since they can easily bite somebody when provoked. Therefore, it is wise to seek the help of wildlife professional. Do not wait for the animal to cause the damage to call the expert early.

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