How To Prevent Raccoons From Invading Your Property

How To Prevent Raccoons From Invading Your Property

A Raccoon is a mid sized mammal that is very shy and active at night and goes after garbage cans. They are grayish brown with black markings and a bushy tail with black rings, and a black mask on the face. They are
omnivorous and can virtually eat anything they come across. They are known to cause a lot of damage when they enter attics. It is best to have raccoons removed professionally.

These mammals may look very furry and cute, but they can cause a lot of damages to our property, and we should do our best to prevent them from entering our property. They are very intelligent and good with their hands, which can make them open any loose closed garbage can.

There are precautions that we can take to prevent these raccoons from entering our property and they include checking areas around your home and doing a lot of cleaning on all the garbage, food, berries from trees and paper.

The other precaution is purchasing metal garbage cans with tight lids and using lid securing device for closing the lids. You can also add weight on the garbage cans and keeping all the cans clean by washing them regularly. Identify and seal off all the entry points that they use to gain access to your yard with securely nailed mesh until the leave.

You can also use electric wire fence to protect your garden from these raccoons. In case the raccoons have already crawled in your yard, you can use repellants, ammonia, flashing lights, mothballs, radio for several nights until they leave.

You can confirm whether they have left by placing newspapers in their entry points and if the paper is intact then it means they have gone. Cutting down any hanging tree branch that they can use to access the roof is very important, and adding or replacing of chimneys is another way of preventing raccoons from entering your property.