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Squirrel Removal Oshawa. Squirrels can not only make you lose sleep. They can cause significant amounts of damage to a roof or attic. If you have squirrels in your roof, attic or soffit you need to take action as soon as possible. They can tear shingles and siding, damage wood, chew on wires and contaminate a space. We remove the animals humanely and seal all entry points so no animals can come back in. Call: 647-694-3620

Squirrel Proofing Solutions

We provide solutions for small to large squirrel problems. Our rates depend on the amount of work that is required to be performed. Our pricing is transparent and competitive. You will know what to expect as soon as you speak to a technician. We follow strict guidelines to keep animals safe and to make sure all work meets the highest quality standards and that it lasts for years to come. We offer complete animal proofing solutions and deliver peace of mind at a cost lower than our competitors.




Eastern gray squirrels are the predominant squirrel species in the area. They have adapted to urban settings and frequently enter soffits and attics for shelter and to give birth. They are curious by nature and can search and find even the smallest hole or weakness in a structure to enter. Squirrels breed twice every year. Once during Spring and once during Winter months. Squirrels can live up to 20 years in captivity and usually at around 10 years in the wild.

If you are experiencing problems with squirrels, give us a call. We can help deal with the problem and secure your property. Call: 647-694-3620

What Kind of Damage do Squirrels Cause?

Wildlife Removal is very important, especially if you have squirrels living in your property. Squirrels are in the same family as mice and rats, and they can cause just about the same damage. When squirrels get access into your home, they will chew just about anything, from wires to building material. In case you notice any of the following damages, call Squirrel Removal Oshawa immediately.

Chewed Wiring

When squirrels get access into your attic, they often start looking for nesting material, and they will soon find utility lines and wiring. They will use their strong teeth to chew up your wires which is a potential fire risk.

Damaged Structures

Squirrels are very determined creatures. They could easily chew their way through roof shingles, soffits, and house sidings. Once they enter your home, they will chew up wood, insulation and various other structural material.

Squirrels will also damage your garden. Squirrels like most rodents’ feast on fruits and vegetation. In case you notice partially eaten fruits and vegetables, dug up areas, then it was probably damaged by a squirrel. Squirrels will also damage outside future; you will notice small holes and tears, claw marks and scratch marks.

If left to thrive, squirrels can cause significant damage to buildings and structures. They are also a health risk. They carry ticks, mites, and fleas that can be easily passed to humans, and pets as well. If you notice any of the signs call Squirrel Removal Oshawa immediately.

Why is Squirrel Prevention Service Important?

If you have ever dealt with a squirrel invasion in the past, you will agree with us that the most frustrating thing is to find out that they have returned a few months later. More of them have found their way into your attic and are causing damage. What most homeowners don’t know is, prevention is often a better remedy than removal.

While squirrels often look cute scampering up and down your tree and lawn, when they nest in your attic, it can quickly turn horrific. Squirrels have the capabilities of tearing down a building if left to thrive and grow in large numbers. They will punch multiple holes into structure compromising its support and safety.

At Squirrel Removal Oshawa, we offer squirrel prevention services. Our experts will conduct an extensive inspection of your property to determine possible entry points. We will seal off these entry points with unique materials that will keep squirrels off. We will also advise you on practices that will make your property less likely to attract squirrels.

Preventing squirrels is a cost-effective permanent solution to keeping squirrels away. Waiting for squirrels to invade will mean spending money to get them out, repairing damaged structures and proofing your property. Contact us for more information about our squirrel prevention services.

Squirrel Cleaning and Decontamination Service

Getting squirrels out of your property is just part of the process of extermination. After removal, you need to clean and decontaminate the area the squirrels had been nesting. Cleaning and decontamination is a very important process of removal. When squirrels nest in your home, they will leave their feces and urine in your attic, which soaks it up causing severe damage.

Leaving your attic as it is after removal is also dangerous to your health and those living with you. Squirrel feces and urine often carry harmful bacteria that is harmful to both our health and those of our pets. It’s also important that you do not attempt to clean out your attic by yourself. At wildlife removal, our professional and skilled technicians use protective equipment to clean out the mess left behind by the squirrels.

When after squirrels are removed, they leave their scents behind, which will easily attract other squirrels back into your attic. It is therefore important to contact your local Squirrel Removal company in Oshawa clean out your attic after removal. Our team of professionals will also repair any damaged attic insulation, and restore it to its original form. Contact us today for more information about our squirrel cleaning and decontamination services.

Humane Squirrel Removal

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Getting rid of squirrels is both time-consuming and frustrating. Many homeowners today prefer humane squirrel removal which adds another level of complexity to the process. Squirrel Removal Oshawa is never as straightforward as it may seem.

Most homeowners will start by trying to get rid of squirrels by themselves to save a few dollars. While a few are successful, professional removal can alleviate a lot of stress and uncertainty. They also have the right equipment and experience to perform the task appropriately.

While it will cost more to hire a professional Squirrel Removal Oshawa expert, it will be more if you try it out by yourself and fail. It will be even more costly is you waste too much time, and the squirrels cause more damage to your property.

At Wildlife Removal, we practice humane squirrel removal. Our professionals will remove the squirrels from your property and release them back to their natural habitat safely. In case the squirrels had babies, we will ensure both mother and babies are safely reunited in the wild.

We will also perform a follow-up to ensure that the squirrels did not return to your property. Once it is determined, all the entry points will be sealed up. Contact us for more information about our Humane squirrel removal services in Oshawa.