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Raccoon Removal Oshawa

Raccoon Removal Oshawa. Raccoon control solutions in Oshawa. Licensed trappers with years of experience in removing animals from urban settings. Let us remove the raccoons and seal off your property for good. Get expert raccoon removal services at competitive prices. Call: 647-694-3620.

Raccoon Removal

We safely and humanely remove wild animals from your home. Our technicians repair the damage animals caused and seal all points of entry so no raccoons or squirrels can enter again. Raccoons can enter an attic by using existing or creating new holes. Aside from the discomfort, such an occurrence can cause, having wild animals in your attic can lead to a series of problems. Wild animals will cause more damage to your roof, will tear up insulation and will contaminate the space. This contamination can be hazardous to your health and getting them out should be of top priority. Let the professionals take care of the problem.


Animal Proofing Solutions

Part of our service we inspect your property and determine all weak spots that animals can use to enter your attic, soffit garage etc. Once that is determined we create a plan of action to completely proof your property from animals. This includes securing chimneys, vents, fascias, soffits, attics, windows and every other structural weak spot an animal can use to enter. Our services are guaranteed and we provide a warranty for our proofing solutions.


Raccoons are very adaptable creatures and are known to enter attics, garages and any other unprotected structures that they can use for shelter. They are much more persistent than squirrels and it is much harder to deter them from entering. In urban and suburban settings they are known to live much longer than in the wild. They have a keen sense of smell and memory and can easily find their way back upon relocation.

If you are struggling with raccoons, if you have been failed by other wildlife removal companies give us a call. We can remove raccoons and make sure your property will be secure from future invasions. Call: 647-694-3620.

What Kind of Damages Can Raccoons cause?

raccoon damage roof

Raccoons can be messy; you can ask anyone who has had the misfortune of having their garbage cans toppled and all its contents spread all over the lawn. Now just imagine having a raccoon inside your house.

When raccoons shelter inside your attic, they are capable of causing significant damages to your property. At Wildlife Removal, we often find that raccoons getting into a client’s home is just a tip of the iceberg compared to the damage they cause inside.

Raccoons will soak up your insulation material with feces and urine. This will need extensive repairs that could cost thousands of dollars. Raccoons will isolate an area for a toilet where they will heap their feces. This will damage the insulation material in your attic.

Raccoons will also leave a heap of their feces and urine which is a health risk to humans. Raccoon feces carries roundworms that can be passed to humans. Bites from raccoons are also known to have rabies.

Therefore, to reduce your family’s risk of infection and return to your attic. Wildlife Removal in Oshawa offers Raccoon removal, Exclusion, Decontamination, and Proofing services. Contact us for more information about our services.

Why Raccoon Prevention Services are Important

While raccoons look harmless, it’s never a good idea to tolerate them living in your property. We advise anyone who is susceptible to raccoons to use our raccoon prevention services.  At Wildlife Removal, we understand our client’s frustrations of having raccoons in their property, that is why we want to prevent it for you altogether.

In case you leave your dumpster lid loose, then you expect a raccoon to open it easily. Raccoons will call your property home if they have easy access to food and shelter. That is why it is advisable as a preventive measure to ensure you do not have any food sources easily accessible.

Avoid leaving pet food and dumpsters open at night. Also, check overhanging branches on trees close to your house and ensure they are trimmed. Raccoons could easily find their way into your attic through trees. Check all possible entry points and ensure that they are sealed.

At Raccoon Removal Oshawa, our technicians will be able to determine possible raccoon’s entry points in your property. We will also use unique material and methods to seal off all entry points making it difficult for raccoons to gain entry.

If you have a raccoon problem or fear that your property might be vulnerable, do not hesitate to contact us. We will perform a preliminary inspection and safety-proof your home to prevent future infestation from raccoons. Contact us for more information about our services.

Decontamination and Cleaning Services

The raccoon is very cute creatures. Their furry coats and curious nature make them a marvel for most people. However, when raccoons get into your attic, the situation isn’t as rosy. Raccoons have the capability of destroying your entire attic in a couple of weeks.

Raccoons often seek shelter in human dwellings during winter and nesting seasons. Your attic often makes up for a warm and safe place to bring up the babies. When raccoons get access into your attic, they will leave a heap of feces and urine that damages your insulation and is also a health risk.

Raccoons normally isolate an area in your attic that they will use as a toilet. Their droppings damage the insulation material in your attic, and after removal, your attic insulation will need to be replaced depending on the severity of the damage.

Raccoon feces is also known to carry roundworms that can easily be spread to humans. The bacteria is tolerant, and when dry, it is airborne. Because of this, it is not advisable to handle or clean out raccoon feces by yourself.

At Wildlife Removal, we offer decontamination and cleaning services. Our technicians will clean out your attic using special material and equipment preventing the spread of bacteria in your home. We will also repair damaged insulation restoring your attic to its original form.

Humane Raccoon Removal Oshawa

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Raccoons are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active in the night. They are known for their ability to open up closed trash bins and scatter garbage looking for something to eat. Raccoons will find shelter in your home under an elevated deck, in your garage, shed or attic.

You will immediately notice raccoon presence in your home; they do not do a good job hiding their presence. You will hear scratching and squealing from your roof; you will also notice the presence of their droppings. And in case they are living in your attic, you will begin to notice a foul smell emanating from your ceiling.

The process of removal starts with an inspection. Our technician from Wildlife removal will access your home for entry points. The next step involves setting up exclusion traps that will prevent the raccoons from getting back in after they leave. The initial inspection result will determine if the raccoon has babies or not. In case there are babies in your attic, we will ensure both adult and babies are safely reunited back in the wild.

We will also raccoon proof your property, and potential entry points with a unique material to prevent the raccoons from getting back in the future. Contact us for more information about our Humane Raccoon Removal Oshawa service.