squirrel proofing

How to Keep Squirrels Out

Squirrels can be a great nuisance if they find their way into your house. They are the most annoying rodents you will ever come across. Food, especially your bird feeds, will draw them into your compound. Shelter is another, particularly in winter, where every animal nestles to a warmer place. Your attic is that one perfect place. Since squirrels chew everything they come across, they can cause great harm if they gnaw at your electrical cables. This may lead to electrical shocks that can cause fires.

You must be asking “How can I keep squirrels out of my house?”. Well, there are some things you do. First, ensure you handle food material well, particularly, bird feeds. Food is the main attraction. They love those grains. Feed your birds a little further away from your house. Store extra grains in a container with a tight fitting lid. Also, ensure your trash bins are securely fastened. Loose trash bins will keep squirrels coming to foray for food.

Second, ensure all entry points into your house are sealed off. Screen off chimneys and air ventilators. Check for other openings including cracks and holes on the walls. Do not leave any door or windows open when you leave the house.

Third, ensure your attic is clutter free. Make your attic unpleasant for them by removing objects stored there. Attic packed with stuff provides a nice hiding place and shelter. It may even act as a breeding place. If possible, have an empty attic. With no place to hide or shelter, they will turn away.

Fourth, keep your compound clean. Try to keep your grass short. If there are unruly tree branches, ensure they are pruned or cut off. Squirrels are adept climbers jumpers. They will leap into your room through open window from the overhanging branches next to your house.

Finally, spray your attic with repellant sprays. If the situation gets out of hand, consult an animal control professional.